2019 Healthy Diet Trends For You and Your Family: What To Try

January 17, 2019 0 Comments

2019 Healthy Diet Trends For You and Your Family: What To Try

Losing weight and getting healthy is always one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. This is why many people promise to start a diet once the new year begins.

If you're hoping to overhaul your diet in 2019, there's certainly a long list of diets you can choose from and try.  While it is always a good thing to start prioritizing one’s health, some diets are not exactly a great way to achieve health and body goals. Some may be too good to be true, while a few may have drastic changes in only a short period of time, but the effects may be bad for the body in the long run.

Here are some healthy diet trends you and your family can try this 2019:

Ketogenic Diet

keto diet

The ketogenic or keto diet gained its worldwide popularity in 2018 when celebrities and A-listers revealed it was their secret for achieving their goal body types. Fitness experts predict that this diet trend will continue to be one of the most popular diet options through this year.

Basically, the Ketogenic Diet involves drastically reducing your intake of carbohydrates and replacing them with fats, forcing the body into a state of ketosis — when you burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. In layman’s terms: eat more fat than carbs. Followers of this diet believe that unhealthy carbs like sugars are useless and could only contribute to weight gain.

Pegan Diet

pegan diet

The term “Pegan” is a relatively newer term in the field of weight loss and getting healthier in general. It was coined and developed by doctor and food author Mark Hyman in his book “FOOD: What the Heck Should I Eat?".

This diet combines some aspects of a vegan diet, which tosses all animal products with the Paleo diet, which focuses on consuming the most basic types of foods aka what our ancient ancestors swear by to feel full and get healthy.

"It's really simple," Hyman told CBS News in an interview, "Eat foods low in sugar and starch. Eat lots of plant foods. If you're going to eat animal foods, eat sustainably grown or harvested foods. Have foods that have lots of good fat, like nuts and seeds, olive oil, avocados."

The Pegan Diet encourages its followers, and interested people, to read the ingredient lists on the foods found on the packaging itself. "If you have an ingredient you would cook with, like salt and pepper, great," Hyman said. "If it's butylated hydroxytoluene, you're probably not going to have that in your cupboard and sprinkle it on your veggies."

Wondering where you can get protein if all you eat are plant based?Protein bars can come to your rescue! They can be excellent source of protein but are completely vegan!

Intermittent Fasting

intermittent fasting

Another big trend in 2018 was intermittent fasting. And this year, it is predicted to gain more popularity and followers. This diet plan isn't so much focused on what you eat but when. Originally, the fast lasts for two non-consecutive days each week, when people who do it abstain from eating except for one small meal of just 400 to 500 calories for women and 500 to 600 calories for men. For the remaining five "feed" days, you can eat whatever you want. However, as more and more people practice it, many variations have been implemented and followed. Some follow the 16-8 rule, where they fast for 16 hours, then have an 8-hour window to eat whatever they like. Others may implement shorter time intervals.

True enough, research shows intermittent fasting can lead to weight loss, with one study showing alternate-day dieters can lose an average of 10 to 30 pounds in about eight weeks. Other studies found this type of diet, along with working out may be beneficial for lowering LDL or "bad" cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Word of caution: what you eat will still matter in the long run! Don't shock your stomach by eating big after a fast. Start by some healthy snacks like healthyprotein bars which can make you feel full in no time.

No diet is tailor-fit for everybody.

Nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors continue to remind us that there is no one diet that is perfect and will be effective for everybody. Different cases, different body types, different metabolic profiles should be considered in creating a suitable diet for each person.

At the same time, most of these diets may be hard to sustain in the long run. Others may find the diets too constricting, while some may be hard on the budget and time.

What you can do?  Eat more plant-based food.

Aim to be healthy through simple ways like incorporating more vegetables in your diet—which you can never go wrong with.

According to the USDA, most adults should be getting 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruit per day. Put more simply, half your plate should be filled with produce.

Incorporating more plants in your diet doesn't require any drastic changes, which will not put your body through shock or strain.

"It's all about replacing an animal product here or there with a plant product or really focusing on including plants in every meal. Maybe try a meatless Monday to designate a day to experimenting with new plant-based recipes so you can learn what you like and different combinations of food that you might not have tried before,” Hogan said.

Getting tired of chewing greens like a cow? Why not spice it up and try something different?Paleo bites are now one of the best ways of eating more greens without feeling like it.

Which of the 2019 diet trends would you like to try? If you want more tips or recipes for these special diets, let us know at the comments below!