2019 Jumpstart Wellness Ideas for Beginners

January 10, 2019 0 Comments

2019 Jumpstart Wellness Ideas for Beginners

New year, new beginnings. This is one of the most common reasons why people across ages anticipate for 2019 as it brings them a new opportunity to start over. After all, a new year is a new chapter, a blank slate.  

One of the most popular new year’s resolution people try to stick all year round is health-related; many wanted to lose weight and shed some pounds, while some promise to look after their well-being better, eating healthier and reducing stress as much as they can.

However, many fail to be consistent because their idea of being a healthier version of themselves revolve around going to the gym and cutting all junk food from their diet. What they don't realize is that trying to be healthy is made through simple steps which are attainable throughout the rest of 2019.

Here are some tips on how you can jumpstart your wellness journey this year that would be helpful especially for beginners who are willing to take their first step towards a healthier you:

Know your baseline

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Before doing any changes or implementing any rules, know your starting point. This will help you develop a plan and set goals that you want to accomplish—and can actually attain.

Take advantage of free sessions from fitness centers or gyms which most offer during the start of the year to know your fitness profile—your weight, BMI, fat ratio, etc. You can also ask professionals on what goals are suited for you and a fitness plan you can follow and observe.

Run—or at least walk more

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One of the easiest forms of exercise is running. It doesn't require any equipment or a gym membership. Just shoes and an open space. Fitness specialists agree that training to run for 5k distance is ideal for beginners who do not have previous experiences in running, or for those who are just getting up from being a couch potato.

If you can’t find the time to train to run, try to walk more. Walking is an excellent exercise that are often taken for granted. Walk to your office or walk your dog after work. Keep in mind that every step counts.

Feeling that pang of hunger after that 5k? Grab someenergy bars that you can munch on on the go!

Drink more water and ditch the soda

2019 health and wellness

Jumpstarting your wellness journey this year doesn't require you to overhaul your diet and dramatically shift from junk to organic. Experts advice that the most effective and realistic way of sticking to your fitness goals is by doing it little by little, but consistently.

Instead of going for a can of soda or that serving of ice-cold juice, why not just quench your thirst with a glass of water or two? By now, almost everybody is already aware that the body needs to be well-hydrated daily with at least 8 glasses of water. But did you know doing this will help you resolve skin issues, low energy levels, and aid in weight loss too?

Making a habit of drinking lots of water per day may be a difficult task for many, especially those who find themselves too busy to get up from their desks and drink repeatedly throughout the day. One effective trick is bringing a tumbler or a water jug wherever you go. Fill it up in the morning and try to finish it by lunch time. Fill it up again and drink the rest throughout the afternoon. Before you know it, drinking 8 glasses a day is more of a routine than a chore you have to follow.

Get more sleep by preparing breakfast the night before

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Want to hit two birds with one stone? Have extra minutes of sleep in the morning without having to worry about your breakfast by preparing it the night before. Overnight oats are one of the most popular choice for those who are committed to changing their lifestyles for the better.

With the right mix of healthy ingredients of your choice and oats, you can get the nutritional requirements for breakfast without the fuss of creating a bowl in the morning. Oats are rich in a number of nutrients like fiber, carbohydrates, plant-based protein, and B vitamins. A balanced, well-prepared overnight oats jar is good for your heart, brain, and energy that will last and keep you full and energized until lunch time.

Pro tip: If you are discouraged to try this out, why not add in someprotein bites with your chosen fruit and flavor for that needed crunch?

Give up the chips andsnack on plant-based nibbles

2019 health and wellness

What if you’re having a movie night and suddenly craved for popcorn? Or what if your friends visited for a sleepover and you need some chips for all that girl talk? Should you break your new year’s resolution and give in to one serving of junk food? Why not say no to junk and say yes to plant-based snacks instead?

If you’re just looking for something to munch on, trade these unhealthy nibbles with healthy—and delicious plant based snacks which are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also offer anti-oxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties, and provides more fiber.

Instead of a chocolate bar, why not try out a healthy alternative—protein bars? There are a lot of variations and flavor choices for you in the market such as apple cinnamon, coconut, and even chocolate itself!

These healthier snack alternative has fewer processed ingredients which can Lower your risk of health issues and are naturally detoxifying. Additionally, these products are also more environmentally friendly since buying and eating animals produce more greenhouse emissions than automobiles.

Contrary to misconceptions, jumpstarting your wellness journey this year is not near to impossible, it’s not really that hard! All you have to do is decide—decide that it’s time for you to look after yourself better and make healthier options. With these simple steps and tips, you will be a healthier, better, and happier version of yourself this 2019.

Good luck!

Which of these health and wellness ideas are you willing to commit to this 2019? Share with us in the comments below!