Running Marathon in 50 States – How does Alicia Eno do it?

January 23, 2015 0 Comments

Running Marathon in 50 States – How does Alicia Eno do it?

The following is an interview that we conducted with one of our ambassadors, Alicia Eno. Alicia shares with us a few of her tips and tricks, her training style, and a little about her as a trainer.

Q: What exactly is the 50sub4 club?

It is club dedicated to celebrating everyone who has finished a marathon in under 4 hours in all 50 states! You can join the club after you finish 10 states. We actually just launched a website you can check out at

Q: Do you do any team running?

Central Mass Striders – I always ran alone until joining last year in June. Now I love it and can’t get enough. When train with other people, especially long runs, the bonds you forge are really strong and I love my teammates.

Q: Prolific marathoner list

Made the list 3 times – 2011,12 and 14



Q: What does your training look like?

Weekly mileage while training 80-90 total miles; about 12 or 13 miles per day

530-715 AM treadmill tempo speed mile repeats

630-715 PM slower and shorter, for more mileage

Coach is influential, two brothers – gives the workouts and mileage

FB message and good Docs

Community of support – everyone understands the sacrifices made and dedication it takes so they want to support each other

Q: What kind of sacrifices do you willingly make?

During the week I am very regimented – eat sleep train, I used to go out more, but I’ve realized this is what makes me happy so I’m committed to it.  Sleep – normally asleep by 8:45-9:00

Q: How do you make it all work?

Time-management- theres a time a place for everything during the day-compartmentalize your day

I do the hardest things first from my workout to my job. I tackle the biggest obstacle so that I know that I’ve completed everything I need to. Keep some spare clothing in my car

Q: What is your diet?

Vegetarian since age 14. Long time animal lover and I wanted to be a Vet so I figured I wouldn’t eat my future patients.

Slow and long term progression based off of slow realizations – milk was the catalyst then eggs which are little babies, until fully vegan. It didn’t really require a conscious thought, I just stopped buying things from the grocery store over time.