Top 10 Similarities between Paleo and Plant-Based

October 10, 2017 0 Comments

Top 10 Similarities between Paleo and Plant-Based

We live in an era where the advice of eating healthy foods is unavoidable and having at least one superfood in your diet is crucial. Many new diets have come up, but Paleo and Plant-based diet seem to have taken the world by storm. As much as these two schools of thought differ widely, they also have some similarities.


The diet was created by Dr. Loren Cordian, in his hugely successful book titled “The Paleo Diet,” widely used in the scientific community and among health enthusiasts.


It is the replication of the diet of cave dwellers, who were hunters and gatherers. The Paleo diet includes saturated fats like butter and duck fat, oils from nuts and coconuts, lean animal proteins like seafood and eggs, fruits and vegetables. However, it eliminates dairy, processed sugar, and GMO foods, grains, starches, alcohol, and legumes.



The plant-based diet is based on eating whole, which includes unprocessed plant foods such as fruits, grains, vegetables and legumes which are plant-based proteins. The diet does not have animal foods like dairy, meats, and eggs and it is also gluten-free.


Top Ten Similarities Between these Two Diets Include:


  1. No Refined Foods


Processed foods result in many health issues; therefore, both the plant-based and Paleo diet restrict their consumption. Refined foods such as soft drinks, oils, and sugars have a high content of sodium, corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and saturated fats; these are ingredients people should evade.


All these ingredients have detrimental effects on your health and can cause common diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and cancers. Both Paleo and plant-based diets avoid refined foods due to the numerous adverse health problems.


  1. Emphasis on Greens


Both diets emphasize on eating a significant amount of green leafy vegetables, for good reasons. Green vegetables are among the healthiest superfoods that you can eat.  It is because they are full of nutrients which assist you to have a healthy body.


In Paleo, vegetables are set as salads or side dish food accompanying the main meal. Similarly, the plant-based diet related to the vegan diet incorporates green vegetables in smoothies and also consumes them as salads.


  1. Eliminate Dairy


Dairy elimination is one of the most apparent similarities between the plant-based and Paleo diet. The scientific reason behind avoiding milk is because whey and casein proteins in milk are difficult to digest, and are also allergenic.


Many people are not able to produce lactase, the enzyme required to digest milk, hence making it impossible for them to digest milk lactose.


Additionally dairy is acid forming, which makes it problematic for the body to maintain the required ph. A plant-based protein can offer a natural healthy alternative to dairy products.


  1. Reduce Acidity


Eating dairy and processed animal product foods can increase the blood’s acidic content. For neutralization of acid levels, the body will take calcium from the bones. This may cause bone density problems which will make your bones weak and fragile.


To combat the problem both plant-based and Paleo followers achieve pH balance by eating alkaline vegetables and fruits. However, the plant-based diet goes further by eliminating animal products that may form acid in the body.


  1. High Fiber Content


Foods and vegetables allowed in both diets have high fiber content. Vital fibers assist in digestion health; improve the flow of blood to the colon and the ability to absorb essential minerals and nutrients. Fiber is vital in loss of weight since it helps you to feel fuller for an extended period.


  1. Phytic Acid Reduction


Phytic acid is a mineral binding antioxidant compound, which makes it problematic for the intestines to absorb vital minerals. The acid is usually present in seeds, legumes, nuts, and grains. The diets have seeds and nuts, but the plant-based diet also consists of legumes.


Both diets try to eliminate phytic acid by reducing the consumption level of seeds and nuts. The acid level is also reduced by soaking nuts and seeds overnight.


  1. Seeds


Paleo and plant-based include seeds in their diets. They contain seeds such as sunflower, sesame, hemp and chia seeds, termed as superfoods. Some of them help in loss of weight and have high omega-3 content. They also improve digestive health and reduce inflammation. These benefits make both diets very healthy.


  1. Nuts


Nuts such as almond, walnuts and cashew nuts, are rich in calcium, minerals, vitamins and numerous plant-based proteins. Paleo and plant-based followers include nuts in their diet for a healthier life.  Peanuts are not nuts.


Mineral, calcium, and vitamins help in bone health. While other nutrients, assist in brain health and blood pressure regulation.


  1. No Refined Sugars


Sugar is a term that describes different types of carbohydrates, which can be complex or simple. The health effects of sugar vary depending on the type you are consuming, natural or refined.


Dairy products such as cheese, milk and natural yogurt are sources of good sugars such as fructose, broken down in the body to glucose. Sugar cane and sugar beets are concocted to extract sucrose, made of glucose and fructose. These chemically produced sugars are added to soft drinks, yogurt, sweets to add flavor.


Refined sugar offers no nutritional value for the body; instead, it spikes insulin production and blood sugar. When seeking alternative sources, avoid fruit juices, instead consume fruits in their entirety because the fibers prevent the sugars from being digested quickly.


  1. Low Sodium


Both diets advocate for using less table salt to lower your blood pressure and decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, athletes must maintain a moderate salt intake to replace salt lost through sweating. People on both diets are encouraged to balance their sodium intake by also eating foods rich in potassium found in vegetables, meats, and fruits.


Which Diet Is the Best?


A hybrid Plant-based Paleo diet with no added sugar can be a great approach to living. Both diets are tolerable and share numerous similarities; thus, it makes sense to combine them for optimum health.   Amrita Bars that are plant-based are also paleo.



The most valuable point is to keep off refined sugar, which is poisonous and lethal for the body. For a vegan, you can try the plant-based without grains as recommended by the Paleo diet.