Vegetable Gardening with Kids

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Vegetable Gardening with Kids


My love for gardening started with my parents being avid gardeners. I saw my mom spend hours in the garden carefully trimming the rose bushes, creating compost piles to feed the garden and really enjoying her time in the garden with the birds and butterflies.  I believe it is even more important in today’s environment with the GMO laden crops to get kids involved in the process of growing vegetables and fruits. I started this process with my kids a few weeks ago and it has been incredibly rewarding, so maybe some of you will be inspired to do the same!  Let me take you through how I started vegetable gardening with my kids and what I learned in the process:

 Plant Based Garden

1) Made list of locally grown veggies and fruits that I love eating in the summer

I love tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, green beans, watermelons, strawberries, and melons.

2) Looked at my existing garden and especially the areas with more than 6 hours of sun and sketched out areas for pots and areas for ground veggies.  

3) Went early on Saturday to the nursery

I started with home depot and finished off at Sprainbrook Nursery (one of the best places in NY for organic veggie starters) . The reason for Friday or Saturday is thats when they restock and you get the best pick – but go super early so you are out of there before the rush hits.

4) Bought different varieties of veggies starters, some potting soil, tons of pots

Hydrating Crystals

Hydrating cystals are amazing!

Vegetable Garden Plant Based

Buy a variety of starter plants 


5) Time to get the minions to help

Expect slow progress since kids like to get creative which means not always following instructions.. but the key is to get them involved .. you can even buy then gloves and sholves for their size hands

Lay a tarp, pots, plants and soil and start early in the day when the kids energy is high

Small Shovels

Small sholves make it easy for them to be involved .. but expect more mess than help !

Vegetable Garden Plant Based

My 8 year old really enjoyed the day

6) Choose to plant some in the ground in raised beds and some in pots 

Pepper Plant Based


One large wooden pot for peppers


Potato Climbers

Tomato in raised cloth fiber bed


Tomato blends in with flowering plants


Strawberries in pots – especially hanging pots


Tomato in a Pot

Lots of small pots for peppers and tomatoes


7) Gardening is hard work .. its important to take breaks and cool off!

Pool Grden

8) Gardening is ton of hard work, but can be very relaxing if you pace yourself.

Vegetable Garden Plant Based

Do you garden with your kids ?  Are there pictures and methods that you would like to share your comments below!

Vegetable Garden Plant Based