Pumpkin Seeds - Roasted and Salted, Keto Friendly


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Remember Halloween when you were a kid? You’d stand on tip-toes watching your mother prepare a batch of pumpkin seeds, and then wait outside the oven for them to finish roasting. Now, that same crunchy, salty snack is available without the wait time. Don’t wait for Harvest season to enjoy this nostalgic snack.

There’s a reason your mom let you eat as many of these as you wanted. Pumpkin seeds, rich in Omega-3s healthy fats, can help strengthen young brains. They make a perfect grab-and-go snack on their own, or can be thrown into a trail mix to make them stretch a little further.

Your family will love the salty, crunchy flavor of these easy snacks. You’ll love knowing that they’re loading up on calcium, iron, selenium, and B-vitamins—all the vitamins your kids avoid by skipping out on fruits and vegetables.