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An Athlete’s Love For Amrita & His Insight On Living Nut-Free

Featured for An Athlete’s Love For Amrita & His Insight On Living Nut-Free

Growing up as a kid it was hard to cope with my nut allergy. All the delicious snacks, easy school lunches, and even half of my treats on Halloween had to be avoided. Peanuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, you name it and I was allergic. For the early part of my life I considered these allergies a hassle more than anything, but in recent years my attention shifted toward the nutritional aspect of nut-free living.

As a professional triathlete I know that a well-rounded diet is key to success. During the early part of my career I thought my only choice was to entirely miss the benefits of the healthy fats, protein, vitamins, etc. that are packed in nuts. Luckily that wasn’t true! I have since supplemented my diet with a wide variety of seeds that are delicious to mix with almost any dish. Sun butter, flax oatmeal, pumpkin, chia, and salads are the foods that I turn to on my training days.

The tricky part became fueling during workouts. Many times I found myself stuffing random crackers in my pocket for long rides, while the athletes around me had a wide selection of pre-packaged bars right at their fingertips. Even my old go-to bars started putting almond flour in all of their products. I was left high and dry until my life-changing discovery of Amrita. I have since torn through box after box of the most brilliant plant based bars ever created. They’re perfect for rides, runs, in between workouts, or just on the go. Nut allergy or not, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Amrita bars!

Author: William Huffman, Amrita Ambassador & Triathlete

Twitter: @triwilliam


William Huffman

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