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Olof Dallner: An Elite Athlete Who Eats Clean & Loves Amrita

Olof Dallner is not your traditional athlete in any sense of the word. Since age 17, he has been an alpine climber and mountaineer, climbing in Bolivia, Peru, China and Pakistan. Olof had a close call during an ice climbing expedition in Vermont, and fell 75 feet, but miraculously walked away with severe bruising and hairline fractures, only requiring minor surgery. Despite his accident, Olof still climbs, but now focuses more on running, specifically trail and Ultra running, obstacle and adventure racing, and triathlons.

Born in Sweden, Olof moved to the States nearly 4 years ago to continue his education and career in science. With a BS in Molecular Biology and a PhD in Molecular Physiology from Stockholm Univerisity, Olof is currently working at The Rockefeller University where he conducts research on genetics and physiology in the field of obesity.

Living in Manhattan, Olof must travel outside of the city to the Catskills and Hudson Valley in order to train. Olof’s motivation to train and compete is founded in a sense of gratitude for his own ability. Competing in Ultra events, he finds a certain thrill in the uncertainty and challenge of the race, always looking to test his own limits. In order to properly fuel for long, multi-day outings and races, Olof focuses on “clean eating,” avoiding processed foods and additives. Instead of having a set diet or meal plan, Olof pays attention to eating a variety of foods, including a high intake of fruits and vegetables. As an omnivore, he includes “non-meat” days during the week, and has been gradually eating less meat overall. Olof contributes this progression in his diet to feeling “lighter” for training, as well as to improvements in his recovery. Amrita bars fit perfectly into Olof’s clean eating regime, providing him with a whole and natural source of nutrition during training.

Olof’s world travels have included competing in an Ultra obstacle race in Nicaragua, as well as winning three Spartan Death Races in a row. With a sense of appreciation for his surroundings and his own potential, Olof continues to push himself to the highest challenge, epitomizing a true Ultra athlete.

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