B Athletic Multisport

Where is your team based?

Westchester, NY

Which sport do you compete in?


How many members are on the team?

Approximately 30 members to date

Brief Team History:

Team B got it’s start back in 2008 with just 3 athletes. Fairly soon after, I (Coach Jeff) took on the job of coaching a group of triathletes at the local JCC in Scarsdale, and also started a beginner tri program in Mamaroneck. During the past 6 years, Team B has grown from 3 to 30+ athletes with outreach to even more through swim programs and clinics. We also have Westchester’s very first Youth & Junior Tri Program(Team Barracuda) that I’ve been running for the past 3 years.

What are some recent exciting achievements the team has made?

2014 was a great year for Team B! We had 6 of our athletes qualify for USAT Nationals, and another two complete their first Ironman distance race up in Lake Placid. Team Barracuda also started a performance team for young athletes that want to be more competitive.

What sets this team apart from others?

Team B caters to ALL Levels of athlete. We don’t solely focus on Ironman distance races. Instead we focus on the Multisport Lifestyle which includes the whole family; how to enjoy a sport you can do for the rest of your life and living healthier!

General Training outline:

Tues, Sat – indoor cycling
Thurs – swim
Sun – trail run
Tues – Open Water Swim
Thurs – Track workout
Sat – Brick Workout(All Abilities Ride & Run)
Sun – Long Course Ride (long course athletes only)

Key Events in 2015:

Team Members will be at the following races:
70.3 Puerto Rico
Challenge Quassy
Sleepy Hollow Sprint
70.3 Mt. Tremblant
IM Lake Placid 140.6
Mossman Sprint
NYC Triathlon
USAT Nationals
West Point Sprint
IM Mt. Tremblant 140.6
Toughman Half
Westchester Triathlon

What is the best way to follow your team online?

Facebook: B Athletic Multisport OR Team Barracuda Tri
Twitter: @BAMultisport
Instagram: @BAMultisport
Website: b-athletics.com

Do any of your members follow a strict nutrition plan? If so, what?

Since everyone is different, Team B doesn’t have a strict nutrition plan. However, as the Head Coach, I am constantly recommending quality nutrient dense foods with simple ingredients to maximize health and performance. Amrita is a perfect choice for Team B!

Are any members plant-based? If so, why did they make the dietary change?

Yes, we have at least two with a few more seriously considering it! A mixture of ethical and athletic reasons lead to their plant-based dietary choice.