Dwayne Morein

Personal Information:

What is something most people don’t know, or would be surprised to learn, about you?

At one point in my job history I was a massage therapist and carpenter by day, bar tender and DJ nights and weekends.

What is an accomplishment that makes you proud?

Getting through the first few years of raising twins, working, and training all at the same time….while keeping my wife, Jessica, happy!

What motivates/inspires you?

My mother, who has overcome cancer and has the outlook on life we all should have! My father, who has completed a half marathon in all 50 states! My children, to be the best dad I can be. My wife, who has always supported and motivated me to complete my goals!

What is your personal mantra?

It is what it is!

What person has most shaped your life, why?

My wife, Jessica, because she accepted me when I was at my lowest point and helped me become the man/father I am today!

Where are the best places to follow you online?

Facebook: Dwayne Morein
Twitter: @DwayneMorein

What is your favorite Amrita Bar?

Mango Coconut

What is your day job?

Lead Sales Representative at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Where are you located?

Baton Rouge, LA

Are you plant-based, why or why not?

No, only for workouts, I love chicken too much!

Athletic Information:

What sport do you compete in?


 How did you get started in your sport?

Met a friend in a spin class, got into biking, and he convinced me to do a triathlon! I almost drowned on the swim of my first race, but I was hooked!!!

Why did you continue with your sport?

The challenge of doing all three sports, and to one day be called an Ironman!

What is your favorite workout, why?

Long rides/runs, because it gives me a great deal of freedom and a chance to relax and clear my mind.

What affect has Amrita had on your training?

The best! I have a running background and have always tried to find something solid that wouldn’t upset my stomach during a workout. I found out about Amrita from Coach Brett Blankner on Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast, so I ordered some. After the first week of training, I was hooked! Felt like I found the Holy Grail!

What is your favorite race, why?

The Louisiana Marathon, because it is very well organized, a great route, and an awesome after party!

What is your pre-race / warm-up routine?

While getting set up in transition, I keep my headphones in, think about my routine when coming into T1 and T2. Pre-Race involves a light jog for 10 minutes with 3-4 10 sec strides. Bike 10 minutes with 2-3 30 sec sprints. 5-10 minute swim (if possible), depending on time and distance.

What gets you most excited to compete?

The opportunity to see what I’m capable of.

What gives you an advantage over your competition?

My ability to stay focused and not panic if something goes wrong.

What are some resources you use for information on training, diet, etc?

Zen and The Art of Triathlon, TrainingPeaks, Ben Greenfield books, Joe Friel books and foodbabe.com.

What are your goals for 2015?

Increase strength, power on bike. Get a marathon PR, half IM PR, and complete Ironman Arizon.

What are the most important races you have scheduled for 2015?

Ironman Arizona – November 15
Escape from Angola – March 29
Louisiana Marathon – January 18

Advice to Others:

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given – and would be eager to pass along to others?

The nutrition demands of long distance racing has to be done in a trial and error format!! What works for one person will not necessarily work for you!

What tip(s) do you have for new athletes?

Don’t give up! Pick a race and register NOW! The future date is set in stone, you paid, now go train!