Clare Cotterill

Shropshire | UK

Meet Clare

Clare got into triathlon about 4 years ago, completed 3 full distance triathlons, placed 2nd in age group last year at the Lakesman (140.6). She turned vegan 3 years ago. 

Being a single parent, Clare is passionate to inspire others, especially her children.

Clare is competing in the Lakesman triathlon again in June and "would love a podium spot again, and definitely a PB!"

More about Clare

1. What is your favorite place to hangout in?

Country lanes in Shropshire on my bike

2. What book have you read that made a big impact on you?

Loved reading Finding my Voice by Mike Reilly. Inspiring stories

3. What are your guilty pleasures?

 Banana and almond – yum! 

4. What item/s can you never live without?

My onesie for after a hard training day

5. What is your workout song/playlist?

I tend to listen to podcasts – Rich Roll, Triathlon Taren 

adrienne banza yoga indoor cycling

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