Jay Hamvas

Asheville, NC | USA

Meet Jay

Jay's passionate about being a better version of himself everyday and helping the athletes he coaches to reach their goals and fullest potential. He believes "we should do our best to learn and grow as human beings." 

His top goal this year is to stay healthy. He had a big year planned in 2019 but had an MTB crash in early spring which took most of the year to recover. 

"Look out 2020 because I'm ready now!"

More about Jay

1. What is your favorite place to hangout in?

I enjoy group training rides and runs occasionally, but my favorite place to hangout is at home.

2. What book have you read that made a big impact on you?

I got a lot out of "Be Iron Fit" by Don Fink and mostly anything by Joe Friel.

3. What is your workout song/playlist?

When I'm not listening to podcasts, I listen to Alternative Rock.

4. What's your favorite AMRITA product?

Chocolate Chip Coconut High Protein Bar. Just yum!

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