Joshua Gutierrez

Atlanta, GA | USA

Meet Joshua

Joshua is very passionate about how he takes care of his body and mind. He believes all of that can be accomplished through healthy eating and proper maintenance of our bodies.

He aspires to fulfill his dream of creating a foundation for kids to have a successful, athletic career through playing soccer.

"I want to give them a fair chance to succeed through hard work, good nutrition and a positive mentality."

More about Joshua

1. What is your favorite place to hangout in?

My house and going out to dinner are my top two.

2. What book have you read that made a big impact on you?

 Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill

3. What are your guilty pleasures?

 I love vegan brownies and cookies from Whole Foods. 

4. What item/s can you never live without?

 Soccer ball, healthy food, water.

5. What is your workout song/playlist?

Summer heat playlist on Apple Music.

5. What is your favorite AMRITA product?

Dark Chocolate Quinoa High Protein Minis

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