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Chocolate Chips Coconut

The chocolate chips and the coconut high protein bar deeply enhance the flavor of the classic chocolate taste. The soft, chewy texture will melt in your mouth and the vegan chocolate chips give the bar a much needed crunch. However, our Chocolate Chip Coconut protein bars are no typical chocolate bar. While chocolate bars contain little to no health benefits, you can feel confident in the high quality ingredients you are putting into your body.

These bars boast 15 g of plant protein, are non-GMO, vegan, raw, contain no artificial sweeteners, and are free of the top allergens (Gluten, Peanuts, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Sesame, Shellfish), and are kosher! In addition to the high levels of protein from pea crisps, these high protein bars contain 6 g of fiber, so they are guaranteed to keep you full. Whether you eat one as a kids school safe snack, for post workout recovery, or for a meal replacement, these energy bars will taste, but also feel great! All of our ingredients reduce GI discomfort, so you can continue your busy day without interruption.

Our Chocolate Chip Coconut high protein bars are packed with superfoods that will deliver essential vitamins and nutrients to your body. Chocolate is an antioxidant that has been shown to prevent heart disease, cancer, and increase LDL cholesterol (the good kind!). Coconut is an excellent source of fiber and minerals. It’s also digested differently than any other fat, helping to keep you full and energetic, while also reducing weight gain and excess calorie consumption. So if you crave that deep chocolate flavor, but are conscious of what you put in your body, these high protein bars are right for you!


Made in facility that processes nuts


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    I am an Ironman triathlete with an extremely sensitive stomach and cannot eat gluten or dairy which can make long training days hard when trying to take in adequate fuel. Amrita bars are my number one go to for training because they sit well on my stomach, have a perfect blend of carbs to protein, are low in sugar and taste amazing!! They have kept me going for a long time and will continue to be my training fuel of choice!

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    Congratulations! You have created what is perhaps the most delicious energy/protein bar ever. I’m an ultra-endurance athlete who tries as many brands and flavours as I can (within the limits of coeliac, dairy intolerant, plant based, oat & soy sensitive, no processed sugars, and have IBS). …Amrita Chocolate Chip Coconut is the big winner! Perfect balance of big flavour, not overly sweet, wonderful texture that satisfies my nutritional and taste desires.

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