Banana Chips -Unsweetened


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Imagine the last time you had a really good workout. When you finished up, were your muscles aching and contracting from the strain? A post-workout snack can make the difference between feeling rejuvenated after a workout and not being able to pull yourself off the couch afterward.

Our unsweetened banana chips are that post-workout snack. They have no added sugar, but the natural sugar in the bananas make them taste just sweet enough to get your mouth watering. Potassium will help your muscles recover without cramping. And unlike fresh bananas, these banana chips will last longer than a few days in your cupboard, so they’ll be there when you need them most.

The grab-and-go nature of this Amrita snack makes them perfect to pack in your gym back or to take with you on a hike. You can even grab and a handful of them and eat them on the way up to the shower. Your mouth will love the mildly sweet taste, and your body will love the way the nutrients help it recover and feel good after a workout.