Toasted Coconut Chips - Unsweetened


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Looking to add a mildly tropical flavor to your favorite grab-and-go snack? These toasted coconut chips are just what you’ve been searching for. With just the right amount of moisture and crunch, they’ll add a light, mildly sweet flavor to whatever you’ve been cooking up.

Toasted coconut chips go great in yogurt, fruit salad, cookies, and more. Enjoy ambrosia—food of the Gods—with toasted coconut chips elevating the snack to the next level. Your taste buds will sing with the light, airy flavor of our toasted coconut chips.

Looking for a nutrient-dense snack that even your pickiest eaters will love? Mix toasted coconut chips into cookies to boost their vitamin content. Your kids will think the coconut chips are just part of the fun: they won’t even realize they’re eating healthy!