Amrita Foods - Mango Slices, 1 lb, Unsulfured, No Added Sugar , Top 14 Allergy Free

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Does your stomach start to roll the second you step into an airport? What about when you walk onto a boat? Motion sickness is an incredibly common condition—about a third of the population suffers from it—but it can drastically affect your ability to enjoy the traveling process. Enter ginger, a natural remedy that’s been used since medieval times to reduce nausea and hot flashes.

Sliced ginger has a sharp taste that’s a mix of sweet and spicy. You can pack a couple of slices in your carry-on bag and begin chewing it the minute your stomach feels upset.

Ginger is also a great throw-in ingredient if you enjoy Asian-style cooking. The unique, bold flavor will enhance the taste of your favorite stir-fry while also providing you with plant-based protein, fiber, and Vitamin C. Bring spice to your life with our delicious sliced ginger.