Dried Pineapple Ring, Unsulfured, Low Sugar, No Color Added


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Pineapples were originally named by European explorers who thought they resembled pine cones. But when they bit into this luscious fruit, they found so much more than they were bargaining for. Pineapple slices are so amazingly delicious that in many countries, they’re sold as a roadside snack. They’re also incredibly versatile and can be added to everything from drinks to salads to hot entrees.

Amrita’s pineapple slices are precut for your convenience. Avoid the hassle of sticky hands or knives when slicing them yourself, and instead enjoy the convenience of pineapple slices that are ready to be tossed in wherever you need them.

Need to refresh and rejuvenate after a hard day? The Vitamin C and Manganese in pineapple slices will rehydrate your body, leading you to feel amped up even after a long, hard day.