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Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Bites (3 Pouches)

Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Bites (3 Pouches)

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Tropical shredded coconut and bittersweet vegan chocolate chips packed with nutrients from superfoods like sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, and chia seeds.​

The Chocolate Chip Coconut Paleo Bites are packed with plant-based saturated fats that help improve digestion and lower risk of heart disease. 

Then when added with cacao's natural mood-enhancing properties, you've got yourself a happy & healthy snack!​

A powerful combination of antioxidants, an unbeatable energy supplier, and overall immunity booster.​



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Made In Our Dedicated Bakery

Our bakery is free from Gluten, Dairy,
Peanuts, Treenuts, Soy and Eggs.

This means all our snacks are school safe!