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Scott Muggleton: Ultra-Distance Runner & Scientist Who Fuels On Plants

Scott Muggleton is driven by the pleasure of finding things out. Finding motivation in discovery, understanding, and doubt, Scott is constantly contemplating his role and purpose in a world filled with mystery and phenomenon. With a Masters of Science in Geology from the University of New Mexico, Scott’s role as a scientist has fused with all aspects of his life, including his approach to athletics and nutrition.

As an ultra-distance runner, Scott applies his academic background and intellect to developing and executing an effective training program. In order to participate in a sport characterized by the need for endurance and perseverance, Scott recognizes the benefits of a high-nutrient and low calorie dense diet. By focusing on plant-based nutrition and the consumption of vegetables, beans, whole grains, legumes and fruits, Scott finds the proper formula to sustain him through grueling events.

As a scientist, Scott applies an evidence-based philosophy to eating; finding validity in the fulfillment of human nutritional needs through a well-executed plant-based diet. Scott’s intellectual curiosity has also brought him to the investigation of the politics of food–including global food production, consumption, health and hunger. With a pure spirit of inquiry and reverence for the universe, Scott is honored to be part of the endurance community, which he finds filled with inspiration and victory.


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