Why Amrita was started


In 2004 Arshad’s son at the age of 2,  was diagnosed with autism and severegastrointestinal issues.  In order toget their son on track, Arshad and his wife started their son on an aggressive gluten-free and dairy-free nutrition program. The nutritional changes helped heal his gastrointestinal issues, which allowed for better nutrition absorption and  made it easier for him to focus on the other therapies. Now, Ayaan is in a regular classroom and doing well academically and socially.

After his son’s nutritionally based autism and gastrointestinal recovery, Arshad became convinced that plant-based nutrition was the right approach for managing inflammation. The significance of reducing one’s allergen load (such as consumption of gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, oils, preservatives, and chemical-containing non-organic foods) to help the body recover from daily stresses became apparent.  Arshad became dedicated  to developing snacks free of these damaging ingredients.

Arshad realized that using brown rice protein and dried fruits—such as tropical mangoes, pineapples, and Medjool dates—together with a rich blend of raw sunflower seeds and sesame seeds would provide essential proteins and fats without the added allergens from nuts, dairy, and soy. As an added bonus, his kids could also take them as part of their peanut-free school lunches!

Arshad launched “Amrita”  in 2012.  To really separate Amrita from other energy bars on the market, Arshad packed each bar full of superfoods, such as chia seeds, maca, unsweetened coconut, with delicious hints of vanilla and Himalayan Pink salt for taste and flavor balance.

When making Amrita bars, Arshad ensured ingredients were non-GMO, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3s, with a good dose of fiber and heaps of easily digestible protein. Most importantly, they had to taste amazing, which was easy to deliver based on having 3 picky kids in the house and all their peers as test kitchens.

Meet the Amrita Team


Favorite Amrita Bar: Mango Coconut

Hobby: Cycling

Arshad B.

Founder & CEO

Favorite Amrita Bar: Pineapple Chia

Hobby: Scuba Diving and Mountain Climbing

John Paul R.

Amrita Health Foods Social Media

Favorite Amrita Bar: Chocolate Maca

Hobby: Tennis & Cycling

Kim C.


Favorite Amrita Bars: Dark Chocolate Quinoa and Chocolate Chip Coconut

Hobby: Camping, Kayaking, Watching my Kids Play Sports, Crochet/Craft

Leah C.


Favorite Amrita Bars: Sunflower Butter and Jelly

Hobby: Traveling the world

Hitesh V.

Food Safety

Favorite Amrita Bars: Mango Coconut & Chocolate Maca

Hobby: Life itself and my Family

Dimitris G.