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Amrita Testimonials

Aimee P.

Had a 3 hour bike ride today! I went through 2 of your awesome bars during the ride, then enjoyed the Chocolate Maca bar as an after workout treat/recovery bar!

Andrea S.

After struggling with multiple food sensitivities, I finally found a bar that met my needs, tasted great,

and were very reasonable in cost. Whether I’m having a healthy grab and go snack either before or

after going to the gym, or taking care of my 4 kids, these bars are perfect.

Audrey A.

I chose Amrita bars at the store when I was doing a 21 day cleanse and needed a bar that was dairy free, gluten free, soy free and had a good amount of protein without a lot of processed ingredients.  My local Sprouts only had two kinds so I went online and tried a variety.  I love the Chocolate Maca because it has a high protein content and keeps me satisfied longer.  Amrita is different because the ingredient list has so many natural ingredients.  So many bars today have a list a mile long of chemicals or have soy protein and a lot of processed sugar where Amrita’s sugar is from date paste and fruits.  That is why I would recommend them and I have.  They also taste delicious.  Wish they were more available in stores in my area!

Barbara C.

Wanted to let you know how happy I am with the food bars.  I love the variety and they really have substance to them.  I’m very satisfied after eating one of them in the morning and they keep the “munchies” at bay.  I was given your product name by my cardiologist since I have gluten sensitivity and I’m extremely allergic to nuts (anaphylactic shock).  They’re great to put in my bag when I have to go someone and don’t have time to stop & grab something to eat.  Love the crunchiness and since I really chew each piece it makes me feel like I’m eating a lot more. I do know why you only give 3 of the chocolate bars per order.  They are amazing!!!

Benji P.

I’m pretty much out already,  and gave the second bag away,  and they are currently being enjoyed and used during trainer rides for the upcoming mtn, road cycling seasons and cross country skiing adventures.
Will definitely order more as soon as possible. It’s hard to choose a perfect box, for they all are wonderful!
Keep making a rad product.

Cara A.

Amrita bars are the most satisfying endurance bar I have ever tried. After consuming the Amrita bar, I feel great and know I am going to conquer my training session. These bars play a big part in me owning my progress and are filled with ONLY the healthy stuff!

Chris B.

My holy trinity of sports nutrition: Broccoli, kale, and Amrita Bars.

Christine L.

When all of my other nutrition froze in 5 degree trail weather yesterday, I had my @AMRITAbars to keep me alive. They weren’t frozen!

Denise B.

It’s been so difficult for me to find a healthy, yummy snack for myself and my kids when we are running around. This bar was fresh and delicious with high protein and quality ingredients. It’s a much better alternative when I’m craving a sweet treat, and I don’t miss the artificial taste of candy bars after the Chocolate Maca. I would recommend these bars to anyone who needs a great snack or a healthy treat!

Denise D.

My daughter has celiac and she never likes any of the gluten free treats. She loved chocolate maca, Thank you!

Dwayne M.

You guys rock!! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays! Can’t imagine my training without Amrita!!

Gary B.

My daughter, who has Celiac Disease in addition to a severe peanut allergy has been enjoying Amrita Bars for quite some time now.  We feel so fortunate for her to eat delicious and safe snacks that are delicious, gluten and peanut free.  Now being a freshman at college it is so convenient to have bars shipped directly to her dorm through the Amrita Club, with the bonus of 20% off and free shipping.  Order them today and receive the bars in just a few days!


I just saw your bars on Bed Bath & Beyond website. I have a $300 credit as a Christmas present and not sure what to buy. So I entered fruit and nut bar and your deliciously looking mango coconut and cranberry raisin bars popped up. They looked healthiest of all the bars currently selling on the site and when I checked the ingredients, they were exactly what I make in my kitchen! I was looking for a bar without isolated soy protein, natural flavors, “rocks” (they call them calcium carbonate to make it sound fancy and good for you”), agave, coconut oil, sunflower oil, cane sugar, lecithin, emulsifiers, etc. At home, I also don’t add salt, but I think a little bit of Himalayan pink salt wouldn’t hurt. Now I have a good desert when I study without exerting too much effort or taking a study break.

I want to thank you for sharing your story about your son! It takes great courage. I reversed Hashimoto’s thyroditis (autoimmune form of hypothyroidism), fybrocystic disease of the breast (a precursor to breast cancer) and temperature induced urticaria. I did it all on a vegan, plant-rich diet completely devoid of any form of animal protein, oil, salt and sugar. I recently tried to snack on a bit of coconut oil, which I use for my hair, and it got me really sick. I felt nauseous, I had stomach cramps, and other issues. I cannot believe all that happened from eating maybe one tablespoon of coconut oil. My body rejected it. It hadn’t had oil since 2009. I just got curious how it would taste like since I was applying it on my hair instead of conditioner, but I realized it will only be for my beauty regimen from now on. I recall when I reversed Hashimoto’s thyroditis and my doctor took my off Levoxyl, I was crying because I could not believe it. I was taking it for 12 years, but was starting to feel ill from the drug’s side effects. I knew I had to stop and the answer was losing 58 lbs, which I did, regular daily running on the beach and meditation were my cure!!!!!

Jeff B.

I was looking for an allergy-free, great tasting bar for my daughter. It seems like everything out there

has some form of nuts in it or tastes like cardboard! After buying some for her, I tried Amrita myself

and it has been great for training and recovery.  Especially for pre-race nutrition! They don’t get hard

as a rock during winter training which is a huge plus. Plant-based, great taste, allergy-free, mostly

organic, what’s not to like! The staff is also super nice, and responsive.

John N.

While training for triathlon and endurance events, I expect a lot out of my body.  I want it to perform day after day, without breaking down.  Proper fueling is essential.  I just cannot accept that I need to ingest chemical concoctions and science experiments to fuel my training.  When I switched to Amrita Bars from gels and other sports nutrition products, I performed better, recovered faster and eliminated all GI distress issues.  The protocol is simple; whenever you would reach for a gel, replace it with an Amrita Bar.  Real food, real performance.

Judy L.

I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, although I often eat both. I used Amrita Bars today after my long run & loved it!

Katie J.

I recently competed in a race on Long Island in which during packet pickup, in the goodie bag, was an

Amrita sample bar.  I have never heard of the company before.  Normally, from past experiences, the

sample energy bars or protein bars aren’t that tasty.  When I first tried that bar, it tasted incredible and I

had to order more online!  I’ve placed several orders since. The shipping has been quick and the

customer service has been friendly.  I have never had a problem with an order yet. You’ve created a

completely different type of bar that is light, delicious, and healthy. I wish these bars were being sold in

my local supermarket. I’ve had several people try bites of mine and they love it too!

Ker B.

Had your chocolate maca endurance bar for the first time today and it was amazing! Not to mention I could pronounce all the ingredients and all ingredients were friendly to my food sensitivities. Love it! I travel for work so it’s perfect to take on the go.

Kevin H.

I just wanted to take a moment and share my experience with Amrita Bars.

Like a lot of endurance athletes, I initially reached for the usual fuel – most of which are filled with processed sugar and processed grains. With longer efforts, I would cramp or develop other “undesirable” G.I. issues, shall we say. It was also a challenge to maintain a lean body composition with these readily available, yet over-processed nutritional products. Clearly, I was doing something wrong, at least for my metabolism and body type.

I had been listening to Brett Blankner’s “Zen and the Art of Triathlon” Podcast for awhile and developed a keen respect for Coach Brett and his training/nutritional recommendations. Brett had on a guest one day, Arshad Bahl, founder of Amrita Health Foods. I was taken by his story and his initial challenge of finding a non-allergenic food for his son, which he couldn’t source from what was commercially available.

I ordered some Amrita Bars to try. Well…18 months later, 100s of training and racing miles under my belt and Amrita Bars are my GO-TO nutrition source!!

I feel great. I experience zero GI upset. In fact, I find them soothing and settling to my gut. Their caloric density (date-based!) gives me plenty of energy for long efforts. During my Ironman last year (my first!), Amrita Bars were my primary energy source. I did my entire race without a single gel! While other folks were in line for the porta-potties, I was just cruising and, for the most part…happy!

It’s very simple: Amrita Bars provide great nutrition, settle my stomach and they are DELICIOUS! Game over. I’ll never use any other bar. Thanks Arshad and Brett!

My 2 cents.

Lisa R.

Just received my first sample of Amrita bars this week – AWESOME!!! Not only do they NOT have the stuff that I DON’T want…they have all kinds of GOOD stuff in them! Plus they’re super yummy!

Molly P.

My daughters and I were shopping at our local Wegmans and there was an exceptionally pleasant young lady with Amrita samples.  When my four year old was asking for either her third or fourth sample of the chocolate maca bar, we decided to purchase a few.  I was extremely excited when I read the ingredients because my daughter had been dealing with gastrointestinal issues possibly related to a dairy intolerance.  Later that night she said, “that candy bar made my tummy feel so good,” referring to the chocolate maca bar.  Now whenever we go to the Wegmans she no longer asks for the candy in the candy aisle, but instead goes straight for the Amrita. Our experience has been nothing but positive. We ordered the 2 for $3 deal off of the website, and there was much excitement receiving the bars in the mail! My daughter’s stomach loves them and it is a great go to snack for her. When I read the labels of some of the other bars the ingredients or the sugar content disturbs me. I love that there is no palm oil in the bars, so there is no worry that we are contributing to unnecessary deforestation and habitat loss. My daughter will be starting kindergarten in a year’s time, and the restrictions placed on what you are allowed to pack for snack is ever increasing.  My husband and I are so excited to be able to pack a hypoallergenic snack that will fill her up and has a high protein content without peanuts involved. Not to mention how easy it is to grab a bar and go. I think the best reason to recommend this bar is, because your child will eat them and you are guilt free. I feel good about giving them to her and she loves them!

Nicole H.

Great tasting and powered me through my 5 mile run this morning

Per R.

One of my favorite Amrita bars is the Mango Coco, tart and not too sweet. Easy to digest.

Rob K.

Saw your bars in Whole Foods tonight. Very good. My almost 4 year old loved them.

Scott M.

My favorite Amrita bar during training is apricot strawberry followed by mango coconut. After workouts its absolutely chocolate maca recovery bar.

Steve C.

A friend of mine recommended Amrita Bars to me, claiming they were “scandalously delicious!”  I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for such a delicious and nutritious power snack.

Steve S.

I first heard about Amrita bars on the Zen & the Art of Triathlon podcast. The all natural, whole food, small business model sounded appealing, so I ordered a few to try. They were wonderful, and I continued, and joined the club service last year when it was offered.

I primarily use them as between meal snacks on training days. I have also used them during races, generally longer course triathlons while on the bike. They are easy to digest, filling, and taste incredible.

I recommend them to training partners, online acquaintances, and family members (a smaller kid size bar would be fantastic!).

Susan R.

I have tried them on two Ironman training weekends now and they are working so well with my stomach.  I am going to recommend to everyone I know.  Thanks for a great product.

Tara N.

Apricot Strawberry is a great option when my kids come home starving from school.

Tim E.

Carried a Chocolate Maca bar all 26.2 miles yesterday at the NYC marathon so that I could have a treat when I crossed the finish line!

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