Brooke Bowen

What is something  most people don’t know, or would be surprised to learn, about you? 
I'm a pretty good seamstress and I usually alter my own clothes if needed. The more exciting, maybe less surprising answer is that I love scuba diving!

What  is an accomplishment that makes you proud? 
Competing and being featured on the NBC tv show, Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge. It was an awesome experience I was able to do because of my hard work and incredible family that I'm so proud of. (They featured my son who has autism.) 

What  motivates/inspires you? 
Improving myself and seeing others accomplishments. One of my favorite feelings is getting a personal best and I love watching other people get theirs.

What  is your personal mantra? 
It's not what happens to you but what you do about it that matters.

Where  are the best places to follow you online? 

Facebook:  brookebo1
Twitter:  @brookefbowen 
Instagram:  @brookebo_1