Dan and Melissa Abbott

What is something most people don’t know or would be surprised to learn, about you? 

We struggle, like a lot of people, daily to make healthy eating choices. Also Dan and I met while running and working out at our local YMCA. One of our favorite activities outside of running is we love to play Bingo, we even travel to Las Vegas to play in Bingo Tournaments.

 What motivates/inspires you?

We both are inspired by others working hard to pursue their goals, especially when our lifestyles and interests are similar. We are also motivated by each other. We are pretty competitive and we encourage one another to do our best in everything we do.

Tell us more about your nutritional philosophy

Our nutritional philosophy is that we try to eat as clean and simple as we can. We try to have as few ingredients in our food as possible and be able to read the ingredients on every label.

Where are the best places to follow you online?

Facebook:  MissyWellsAbbott and Daniel Abbott
Instagram: @wellsaid9