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4-Ingredient Raw Vegan Brownies Recipe

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Are you looking for a delectable treat to satisfy your chocolate cravings? Look no further than these raw brownies. 

Sweet and chewy, they’ll remind you of the fudgy brownies you used to eat as a kid without the gross ingredients that would make you regret eating them. In fact, these raw brownies are not only 100% vegan, but they’re also  100% guilt-free.

The Goodness of These Raw Vegan Brownies

Medjool Dates

The secret to our brownies’ satisfying, chewy texture comes from the Medjool dates. Dates add both sweetness and textural familiarity to your brownies without any processed or refined sugars.

They’re packed with dietary fiber and potassium. Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy, while potassium can soothe sore muscles. This makes these raw brownies a fantastic post-workout snack.


Almonds add protein, healthy fats, and vitamins to this snack. This will help fill you up, allowing you to actually feel satisfied after eating a raw brownie—a feat you can not claim about their sugary counterparts.

Additionally, these brownies will improve your energy levels throughout the day.  While normal, sugary brownies will give you a quick boost of energy followed by a hard crash, these raw brownies will keep your energy levels consistent, making them a much more reliable alternative snack.

Cacao Powder

While chocolate gets a bad rap because of its overuse in processed candy bars, raw cacao powder is actually good for you. In fact, it has  20 times the antioxidant power of blueberries.

Cacao powder has been shown to lower bad cholesterol levels, improve heart function, and reduce risks of certain cancers. It also raises serotonin levels, meaning you actually feel better after eating it.

Maple Syrup

Finally, we’ve used maple syrup to give these raw brownies the sweetness you’re craving if you’re searching for a vegan brownie recipe, but with added nutritional benefits you’ll love.

Maple syrup is a better sweetener than sugar or even honey because it’s packed with manganese, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

All of these nutrients will leave your body feeling healthy and strong instead of bloated and icky the way you’d feel after eating traditional sweeteners.  

Our mission at Amrita is to give you the tools you need to enjoy plant-based nutrition without missing out on the tasty treats you love. We’re excited to bring this raw brownie recipe to our community, and truly believe that you’ll love the richness they add to your snack time.

Check out the video below (with a few more ingredients added) showcasing how we made these amazing raw brownies. Below, we've included the basic recipe list and instructions for your convenience.

The Recipe

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