Collection: Soy-Free Protein Bars

Finding soy-free protein bars that are both healthy and delicious is a challenge. Soy allergy can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, that's why all Amrita's protein bars are soy-free. Whether it's due to personal reasons or allergies, Amrita offers a delicious protein bar without any soy.

Soy-Free Protein Bars

Whether you're avoiding soy for health or allergy reasons, we've got you covered.

Our soy-free protein bars are made with natural ingredients, packed with nutrients, and are perfect for satisfying hunger, without any soy!

Benefits Of Choosing Amrita's Soy-Free Protein Bars

Enjoy With Confidence

It can be tough for kids to find tasty snacks they can actually enjoy. We've created a completely allergy-free, soy-free, and vegan protein bars that can be enjoyed by most individuals and are school-friendly.

Simple, Clean Ingredients

We keep things simple and natural with our ingredients, so you can feel good about what you're eating. If you haven't already, now's the time to say no to artificial ingredients and flavors, and say hello to whole, healthy ingredients.

Packed With Plant-Based Protein

We didn't just ditch the nuts from our protein bars, we also ditched any animal ingredients, making our nut-free protein bars also vegan-friendly! Each bar is filled with seeds and fruits, designed to keep you healthy and satisfied, all while keeping a delicious taste.

Variety of Flavors

With six delicious, soy-free flavors to choose from, including chocolate and fruity options - there's something for everyone. Can't decide? Try our variety pack and enjoy a bit of every flavor.


Not only are our protein bars soy-free, they're also free from the top 8 allergies and are gluten-free, non-GMO, and nut-free. We have a whole-foods based option for individuals with food sensitivities, because we know how hard it is to find snacks if you have allergies.

Quick and Convenient Snacks

For anyone that's regularly in a hurry, these protein bars are a game-changer. They're an easy way to make sure you're getting in all the protein and nutrition you need. And the best part? They won't cause any allergic reactions later down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enjoy these protein bars?

They're for anyone who's craving a delicious and a healthy snack, and we made them with consideration towards the people who have food sensitivities or allergies.

How many soy-free protein bar flavors do you have?

We offer 6 different flavors: 3 chocolate and 3 fruit-based. If you're not sure which ones you like, we also offer a variety pack with 2 of each type of bar.

How many calories are in your soy-free bars?

Our protein bars usually contain around 240 calories with 15g of protein and 6g of dietary fiber and no soy, nuts, or animal-based ingredients.

Where does the protein in Amrita protein bars come from?

We use completely plant-based pea or brown rice protein in our bars, and we don't add any artificial ingredients, flavors , or soy!

Are soy-free protein bars safe to consume?

They're as safe as every other protein bar out there, maybe even safer! When you try Amrita's protein bars, their taste will make you crave more and more. However, eating too much can lead to health problems, so instead of munching on all of them yourself, share them with a friend or a family member!