Tofu and Spirulina Burger Patties

March 05, 2020 0 Comments

tofu and spirulina burger

Cook/prep time: 10 minutes

Serving/s: 12 patties


300 g tofu

400 g mixed vegetables such as carrots, leeks, zucchini, peas etc.

1 onion

½ bunch of parsley

10 spirulina pellets, crushed into powder or 4 grams of spirulina powder

1 egg

some flour

salt and pepper

Oil for frying



  1. Clean and grate the vegetables. 
  2. Dice the onion. Chop the parsley. Fry all vegetables in a pan. 
  3. Cut the tofu into small pieces and mash it. 
  4. Combine tofu, vegetables, egg, spirulina powder and flour. 
  5. Season with salt and pepper. 
  6. Form patties from the mixture and fry in hot oil on both sides for approx. 2-5 minutes. 
  7. Enjoy!