About Us


When Arshad’s son was diagnosed with autism and severe gastrointestinal issues, he and his wife found themselves in a tough position. They knew that the best thing for their son would be to get him on an aggressive gluten-free and dairy-free nutrition program. They also knew that they were a busy family and didn’t have time to make Pinterest-worthy Bento meals for him every couple of hours. And he was two, which meant two things: his high metabolism meant he wanted to eat often, and he didn’t care what was in his food—he just wanted it to taste good.

After their own struggles getting their son onto a plant-based nutrition program that worked for their family, Arshad decided that he wanted to make convenient, grab-and-go snacks that would meet everyone’s nutritional needs. With Amrita, he made it his mission to not just provide snacks for every occasion, but to provide snacks for every person. Every Amrita product is made to taste amazing while maximizing nutritional benefits. With Amrita, you can have a snack you feel good about every time without spending hours in the kitchen. Because everyone deserves that.