bridging the gap, Spreading Awareness & Supporting Inclusivity through Business Services

Amrita Health Foods was founded with the intention of giving my son with autism convenient, grab-and-go snacks that would meet his nutritional needs.

All of our products are gluten-, nut-, dairy-, soy-free and vegan and keto friendly.

Our ingredients are plant-based dried fruits and seeds carefully sourced from the best farms around the world and used as close to raw as possible to preserve enzymes and nutrients.

Amrita high protein bars

Inclusion and Awareness

Young adults on the autism spectrum have 5x the unemployment rate than the average adult.

Thus, we have committed to helping solve this problem by partnering with agencies and hiring from the autism and special needs community. 

Community Support 

Supporting non-profits involved in the autism community has been our mission since 2012.

We are excited to expand and build more partnerships in 2020.

Here are some of the organizations we have supported over the years.

Milestones Behavioral Services


Our new facility is part of a 100-year old manufacturing building which lets us reduce our energy needs because of natural light and low energy sources like LED lights. 

We have conscientiously created an efficient manufacturing process that aims to have less than 1% food waste. The 1% food waste is then sent to animal farms.

Additionally, all the paper we use are recycled and corrugated.

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This is just the beginning but we've rolled up our sleeves and excited to partner with you for a more inclusive and better future for all kids!