Delaney Miller

What is something most people don’t know or would be surprised to learn, about you? 

In addition to my professional climbing career, I have a bachelors degree in Sport Science. I plan on going back to school in the coming years to pursue a degree in Neuroscience.

What motivates/inspires you?

I'm most motivated when I get to be outside. I love the opportunity to be awed and humbled by nature.

Tell us more about your nutritional philosophy

As an athlete, I know that if you put good things into your body you will perform and feel better. I've been climbing for eleven years now and have won twelve Championship titles between National and Pan-American competitions. I've always been very careful to consume foods that are minimally processed, low in sugar and high in nutrients.

Where are the best places to follow you online?

Facebook:  Delaney Miller
Instagram: @millerd13