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What is Paleo Plus Diet? Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code of the Paleo Plus Diet 

One of the most common misconceptions about Paleo diet is that it restricts its practitioners when it comes to food choices and options. However, the truth is that, Paleo diet lets you have a variety of food.

Nutritionists suggest the 85:15 rule wherein people follow Paleo 85 % of the time and 15 % of the time, they may stray a bit from Paleo diet rules, yet still achieve real improvements in health.

The 85% rule lets you have your favorite snack or dessert once a week at most. It’s focus is all about diversifying your diet instead.

Paleo Plus diet becomes viable only if you were able follow the rules of an elimination diet like Paleo and you were able to get good results. If so, then it's absolutely OK to reintroduce things that gave you satisfaction and fulfils your cravings, or anything that may add to your convenience or allow you to look forward to something. 

You can start introducing a little something like that every now and then in your diet or in the form of a cheat day. Just make sure you monitor your calorie and protein intake.

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