What Does Non-GMO Mean in Food?

What Does Non-GMO Mean in Food?

Have you seen any “Non-GMO” labels on your food lately? In case you don’t know what it stands for, don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

Non-GMO stands for “non-genetically modified organisms” which means that the ingredients in these foods haven’t been altered in a lab.

That’s also why more and more consumers choose non-GMO products over GMO ones. They believe these options are safer and healthier, and we do too.

In this article, we’ll break down why Non-GMO foods are a much healthier alternative, how they’re different, and the best foods you can consume that are Non-GMO,

Understanding Non-GMO in Food

When it comes to making a great decision about what you’re going to consume, you firstly need to understand why labels like “Non-GMO” are crucial.

How Non-GMO is Different from GMO

The main difference between non-GMO and GMO foods is how they're produced. Here are a few key points::

  • Traditional Methods : Non-GMO foods are grown using traditional farming methods. They do not involve any genetic modification.

  • Genetic Engineering : GMO foods are created by altering the DNA of plants or animals. This can make them more resistant to pests or grow faster.

  • Natural Growth vs. Lab Influence : Non-GMO foods grow naturally without scientific interference. GMO foods are specifically designed for certain traits, like larger size or quicker harvest times.

By choosing non-GMO, you’re consuming food that is cultivated in a more natural way and avoiding any lab-based alterations that come with GMOs.

Why Non-GMO is Important in Food

Non-GMO labeling is not just about what's in our food, but also about transparency and choice. Here's why it's important:

  • Informed Choices : Non-GMO labels help consumers know exactly what they're buying. They can make decisions based on accurate information.

  • Health: Many believe that non-GMO foods are healthier because they're more natural and less processed.

  • Environmental Impact : Non-GMO farming can be more sustainable, avoiding some of the ecological issues associated with genetically modified crops.

  • Support for Natural Farming : Not only do you help the environment, but also support the farmers that contribute to a more natural food system.

Are GMO Foods Harmful?

There’s a good reason for the concerns around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food, and you should know about it.


One of the main concerns regarding GMOs is the presence of toxins.

GMO crops are often engineered to produce their own pesticides or resist certain pests.

This genetic modification raises a lot of questions about the long-term effects of consuming these toxins. Introducing foreign genes into plants can cause them to produce harmful substances and pose risks to human health.

Would you want to eat something that has been modified to kill bugs? It’s a bit like adding a chemical to get rid of mold in your house.

Sure, it works, but would you want to breathe it in every day? The same goes for consuming genetically modified foods.

Food chemicals


Another concern is the potential for GMO foods to trigger allergic reactions that shouldn’t otherwise happen.

When transferring genes from one organism to another, there’s a possibility to introduce new allergens to the food supply, or transfer allergens into foods that don’t usually have them.

If you’re allergic to peanuts and a gene from a peanut is put into a corn, could you end up with an allergic reaction from eating that corn?

Not enough studies have been done to support that theory, but it is a fact that foods can be inadequately identified or labeled.

The lack of transparency can make eating healthy much harder, especially for individuals with allergies.

Benefits Of Consuming non-GMO foods

Now that you know the risks of GMO and understand all of the concerns around it, let’s talk about the benefits o eating non-GMO foods over genetically modified foods.

Nutrient Rich Food

Non-GMO foods are more nutrient-rich compared to genetically modified foods.

When crops are grown naturally without genetic modification, they tend to retain their original nutritional value.

This means that fruits, vegetables, and grains labeled as non-GMO can provide more essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which are important for your overall health.

When crops are genetically modified, there’s a higher chance for them to lose nutritional value due to the introduction of foreign genes.

Reduced Allergies

Like we mentioned before, genetically modified foods have a higher chance of carrying certain allergens, due to the genetic manipulation.

By consuming non-GMO products, like allergy-free protein bars , oatmeal , and fruits, you lower the risk of unknowingly consuming allergens that may cause allergic reactions.

Environmental Impact

Non-GMO farming practices contribute to biodiversity, soil health, and natural pest control, which all make up a healthier ecosystem.

Not only do you minimize the harmful effects on your health, but also on the planet.

Food production shouldn’t require synthetic pesticides and herbicides, as it’s unhealthy both for humans and the planet.

Positive environmental impact

Best Non-GMO Healthy Snacks

Are you curious about what kind of snacks you can eat that aren’t genetically modified?

Here’s a list of our favorite ones:

High Protein Bars

Protein bars, especially allergy-free protein bars , have become a go-to snack for many people with different professions and lifestyles.

They’re a convenient way to get your protein in, and are great at making you feel fuller.

Look for bars that contain organic ingredients to make sure you’re getting a snack that isn’t genetically modified.

At Amrita , we only use natural, organic ingredients and naturally occurring sugars from dates and fruits. 

We test our products in each part of production to make sure you’re getting a protein bar without artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or genetically modified ingredients.

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Oatmeal / Protein Oats

Starting your day with nutritious, organic oatmeal or protein oats is a great way to get your morning nutrition in and feel ready for the day.

Oats are a heart-healthy grain that can be made into a delicious breakfast, and a high-protein one.

Choose non-GMO oatmeal that you can confidently eat and enjoy your breakfast without worrying about the side effects or the long-term damage to your body.

Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are excellent non-GMO options that are filled with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

You can combine them with salads, yogurts, or smoothies for an extra crunch, but they’re also delicious as a standalone snack.

Non-GMO seeds are a healthy, delicious, and nutritious snack, straight from nature, pure and unaltered.

Not only are they healthy, but also keep you full and energized throughout the day.


Understanding what non-GMO means in food isn’t just a passing trend, it’s a fundamental shift towards healthier, and more transparent eating habits.

Choosing non-GMO foods means you’re eating nutrients that have been cultivated in a natural way, free from lab-based alterations, or any foreign genetics.

At Amrita, our mission is to create better-for-you plant-based snacks that nourish the body, and the soul.

Our snacks are free from top 9 food allergens , minimally processed, and made with real, whole ingredients that haven’t gone through genetic modification.

Our protein bars are tested at every step of production to make sure you can consume them without a single worry about allergies, sugar, or genetically modified ingredients.

So, the next time you’re browsing the grocery aisles, keep an eye out for that “Non-GMO” label, and an eye out for 6 colorful boxes full of healthy protein bars , with an “ Amrita ” logo.

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