Amrita Health Foods Google feed xml High Protein Bars Variety Pack Get started on plant-based snacking with the High Protein Variety Pack. The pack contains 12 bars, 7 flavors. Made with only natural flavors and clean ingredients. Gluten-free and nut-free snacks made in small batches packaged in eco-friendly materials. shopify_US_856664965164 shopify_US_856664965164_34868617969827 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004711 amrita-health-foods 853009004711 1.87 lb Chocolate Chip Coconut High Protein Bars Chocolate Chip Coconut High Protein Bars are the infusion of rich, vegan chocolate and light and tropical flavor of coconut chips. Only natural flavors and clean ingredients. Gluten-free and nut-free snacks made in small batches packaged in eco-friendly materials. shopify_US_836572348460 shopify_US_836572348460_8912484368428 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004445 amrita-health-foods 853009004445 1.87 lb Sunflower Butter and Jelly High Protein Bars Sunflower Butter & Jelly High Protein Bars are our take on the classic all-time favorite PB&J snack. The toasty & earthy sunflower seed butter and yummy blueberry & strawberry jelly are loved by kids and adults! Gluten and nut-free snacks made in small batches packaged in eco-friendly materials. shopify_US_836575100972 shopify_US_836575100972_34868559085731 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004407 amrita-health-foods 853009004407 1.87 lb Chocolate Maca High Protein Bars Chocolate Maca High Protein Bars are the perfect combination of earthy and nutty maca and satisfyingly rich cacao. The unique flavors are a sure-fire hit for both kids and adults! Only natural flavors and clean ingredients. Gluten-free and nut-free snacks made in small batches packaged in eco-friendly materials. shopify_US_836565958700 shopify_US_836565958700_34868586348707 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004087 amrita-health-foods 853009004087 1.87 lb Dark Chocolate Quinoa High Protein Bars The unbelievably healthy combination of bittersweet cacao powder and popped quinoa are what makes our Dark Chocolate Quinoa High Protein Bars. Rich and decadent chocolate with a crunch! shopify_US_836568055852 shopify_US_836568055852_34868597063843 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004421 amrita-health-foods 853009004421 1.87 lb Apple Cinnamon High Protein Bars The strong mix of essential vitamins and minerals of apples and cinnamon make them a superfood snack you'd never want to pass up! Apple-cinnamon paradise--truly a treat! Soft and chewy, you won't even notice you're eating a nutrition bar! shopify_US_888269144108 shopify_US_888269144108_34868591820963 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004612 amrita-health-foods 853009004612 1.87 lb High Protein Bars Starter Pack Get started on plant-based snacking with the High Protein Starter Pack. This pack contains 7 bars of the following flavors: Mango Coconut, Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip Coconut, Dark Chocolate Quinoa, Chocolate Maca, Sunflower Butter & Jelly, Pineapple Chia. Gluten-free and nut-free snacks made in small batches packaged in eco-friendly materials. shopify_US_836736942124 shopify_US_836736942124_8913011671084 new 17.99 USD14.99 USDin stock 853009004551 amrita-health-foods 853009004551 1.25 lb Mango Coconut High Protein Bars Mango Coconut Protein Bars are a fusion of tropical flavors of sweet & tangy mango and cool & delightful coconut. With an added boost of nutrients from superfoods like sunflower seed butter, pumpkin seeds, and chia. Experience summer all over again, no matter what the season! A healthy and mouthwatering experience you can enjoy anytime. shopify_US_836596924460 shopify_US_836596924460_34868603486371 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004704 amrita-health-foods 853009004704 1.87 lb Pineapple Chia High Protein Bars Pineapple Chia High Protein Bars are combined flavors of refreshing pineapple and superfood chia. Chewy and chunky, it's unsurprisingly filling! Take on a road trip or hiking, grab when you're running out of school lunch ideas, craving in the middle of the night, looking for a quick office or workout snack! shopify_US_836603641900 shopify_US_836603641900_34868612300963 new 29.99 USDin stock 853009004599 amrita-health-foods 853009004599 1.87 lb Paleo Bites Variety Pack (5 Pouches) Get started on plant-based snacking with the Paleo Bites Variety Pack. Each pack contains 5 different variants: Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Espresso, Chocolate Coconut, Apple Cinnamon, and Mango Coconut. Made with only natural flavors and clean ingredients packaged in eco-friendly materials. shopify_US_1740393152556 shopify_US_1740393152556_14219670978604 new 19.99 USDin stock 850006586110 amrita-health-foods 850006586110 0.56 lb Paleo Chocolate Mint Bites (3 Pouches) For a refreshingly sweet bite to quench your chocolate cravings, our Chocolate Mint Paleo Bites will do the trick. These plant-based paleo snacks taste amazing with no added sugar. Indulge in the divine and delectable taste that only the perfect balance of chocolate and mint can bring! Gluten-free, keto and vegan friendly. shopify_US_1740326830124 shopify_US_1740326830124_34868711850147 new 11.99 USDin stock 850006586028 amrita-health-foods 850006586028 0.56 lb Blueberry Hemp Protein Oats An antioxidant and superfood powerhouse with a delectable, mild, nutty flavor. Overnight oats are just as yummy, just as healthy but a breeze to make. Prepare at night and indulge in the morning. A definite game-changer. Great on the go or even for a healthy late night snack when sweet cravings suddenly hit you in the middle of the night! shopify_US_5461145223331 shopify_US_5461145223331_36809233662115 new 9.99 USDin stock 850006586646 Amrita Health Foods 850006586646 13.9 lb Paleo Dark Chocolate Espresso Bites (3 Pouches) The rich & indulging cacao powder and robust espresso make the unbelievably healthy Dark Chocolate Espresso Paleo Bites. Light, soft, moist and naturally sweet--these bites are a perfect fix for you chocolate cravings and provides a quick pick-me-up during down times. Excellent sources of energy and low in calories! shopify_US_1740360351788 shopify_US_1740360351788_34868724105379 new 11.99 USDin stock 850006586004 amrita-health-foods 850006586004 0.56 lb Paleo Chocolate Chip Coconut Bites (3 Pouches) These delicious and nutritious Chocolate and Coconut Paleo Bites are combined flavors of tropical shredded coconut and bittersweet vegan chocolate chips. Packed with nutrients from superfoods like sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, and chia seeds. shopify_US_1740304482348 shopify_US_1740304482348_34868736360611 new 11.99 USDin stock 850006586059 amrita-health-foods 850006586059 0.56 lb Chocolate Coconut Protein Oats Rich & natural cacao powder with subtle caramel-like flavor of coconut sugar. Start your day right with a natural boost of energy from oats and cacao, which both contain high amounts of magnesium, fiber and protein. Soak overnight, eat hot or cold in the morning. It's a simple, delicious and equally nutritious alternative from smoothies or protein shakes. Related reading 10 Reasons Why Overnight Oats are Healthy shopify_US_5461175173283 shopify_US_5461175173283_36809253486755 new 9.99 USDin stock 850006586653 Amrita Health Foods 850006586653 13.9 lb Apple Cinnamon Protein Oats A classic blend of the tartness of apples and sweet-spicy aroma of cinnamon. Take a break from unhealthy and greasy breakfasts and treat yourself with the old-fashioned taste of homemade apple pie in the morning.   Did you know you can use apple cinnamon oats in many ways? Read about our post on overnight oats! shopify_US_5461128937635 shopify_US_5461128937635_36809183133859 new 9.99 USDin stock 850006586622 Amrita Health Foods 850006586622 0.87 lb Coconut Maple Protein Oats Power up mornings with the hearty flavor of maple and the cool crunch of toasted coconut. If you're not a breakfast eater, this will surely make you a believer. The perfect balance of quality ingredients that are low glycemic, fiber rich and complete protein, this practical boost for breakfast, will power you throughout the day and make your busy mornings easier. Related reading: 10 Reasons Why Overnight Oats are Healthy shopify_US_5461180973219 shopify_US_5461180973219_36809283272867 new 9.99 USDin stock 850006586639 Amrita Health Foods 850006586639 13.9 lb Chocolate Lovers Bundle (3 Sleeves) Protein + Chocolate. This bundle contains 1 box of Chocolate Chip Coconut Bars, 1 Box of Dark Chocolate Quinoa Bars, 1 Box of Chocolate Maca Bars, 1 Cotton Shopping Tote. shopify_US_1524225572908 shopify_US_1524225572908_13096834400300 new 90.00 USD79.00 USDin stock 853009004889 amrita-health-foods 853009004889 5.0 lb Paleo Apple Cinnamon Bites (3 Pouches) Apple Cinnamon Paleo Bites are soft and chewy superfood snack you'd never want to pass up! They're the perfect blend of refreshing apples and heartwarming cinnamon, a classic combination reminiscent of homemade apple pie. shopify_US_1740383846444 shopify_US_1740383846444_34868749369507 new 11.99 USDin stock 850006586073 amrita-health-foods 850006586073 0.56 lb Paleo Mango Coconut Bites (3 Pouches) Mango Coconut Paleo Bites are a fusion of tropical flavors of sweet & tangy mango and cool & delightful coconut. With an added boost of nutrients from superfoods like sunflower seed butter, pumpkin seeds, and chia. shopify_US_1740365496364 shopify_US_1740365496364_34868744487075 new 11.99 USDin stock 850006586097 amrita-health-foods 850006586097 0.56 lb Protein Oats Variety Pack (20 Meals) Packed with 15g protein, 6g fiber, and significantly less sugar. 100% all-natural & quality superfood ingredients. 100% plant-based.   shopify_US_5809820237987 shopify_US_5809820237987_36809693167779 new 34.99 USDin stock Amrita Health Foods Protein Oats Variety Pack (4 Pouch Pack) 0.0 lb Farmers Market Bundle (3 Sleeves) Fresh Fruits, Plant-Based Protein and Seeds. Powerhouse of a protein bar! This bundle contains 1 Box of Sunflower Seed Butter and Jelly Bars, 1 Box of Apple Cinnamon High Protein Bars, 1 Box of Mango Coconut High Protein Bars, 1 Cotton Shopping Tote shopify_US_1524269613100 shopify_US_1524269613100_13096993587244 new 90.00 USD75.00 USDin stock 853009004872 Amrita Health Foods 853009004872 5.0 lb Dried Cranberries 16oz Cranberries are healthy goodies that go with anything--smoothies, salads, stuffing and sauces. They're an all-around, naturally fat-free ingredient, loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, dietary fiber, potassium and zinc.    shopify_US_1585051467820 shopify_US_1585051467820_13408767311916 new 9.99 USDin stock 853009004797 Amrita Health Foods 853009004797 1.0 lb Dried Blueberries 16oz Soft and moist, dried blueberries you can nibble anywhere. Take them on a road trip, to work and school, toss in salads, mix in smoothies & granola, add to muffins & pies. Endless possibilities with dried blueberries! shopify_US_1585028399148 shopify_US_1585028399148_13408365936684 new 20.99 USDin stock 853009004773 Amrita Health Foods 853009004773 1.0 lb Sweet & Salty Keto Granola Crafted to excite your taste buds, this flavor will easily be your favorite breakfast or afternoon snack. The slight sweetness and saltiness will satisfy those crazy cravings! shopify_US_5743501967523 shopify_US_5743501967523_36809012347043 new 12.99 USDin stock 850006586691 Amrita Health Foods 850006586691 0.69 lb Dried Diced Apricot 16oz  These succulent and nutritious diced apricots are a perfect alternative to your regular snack of candies, cookies and chips. They're a great addition to your cereals, smoothies, yogurt, salads, granola and oatmeal.   shopify_US_1585049206828 shopify_US_1585049206828_13408758988844 new 14.49 USD12.99 USDin stock 853009004841 Amrita Health Foods 853009004841 1.0 lb Dried Apple Rings 8oz Satisfyingly sweet and delightfully aromatic. An absolute all-around ingredient for pies, muffins, pastries, bread, or even in soups for a sweet and savory twist! Plus an excellent grab-and-go, any time and anywhere snack! shopify_US_1585013882924 shopify_US_1585013882924_13408144162860 new 7.29 USDin stock 853009004766 Amrita Health Foods 853009004766 0.5 lb Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Keto Granola Your new go-to pick-me-up snack or breakfast. A strong chocolatey flavor of cocoa powder and sea salt to bring a little balance. This is a chocolate lover's dream! shopify_US_5743499804835 shopify_US_5743499804835_36808990261411 new 12.99 USDin stock 850006586684 Amrita Health Foods 850006586684 0.69 lb Sunflower Seeds - Roasted & Unsalted 16oz Roasted and unsalted sunflower seeds still make a delicious treat. You can still enjoy the sweet, nutty taste of these seeds without the salt but still packed with essential nutrients. Bring boring salads granola, oatmeal, savory dishes to life with low cholesterol, low carb, & high protein sunflower seeds.  Check out our recipe for Sunflower Seeds Butter - perfect for your toast! Or you can try the Sunflower Seed and Tomato spread - yummm! Want a full meal? Try our Whole Grain Spaghetti with Sunflower Seeds! shopify_US_1585035477036 shopify_US_1585035477036_13408555663404 new 7.99 USDin stock 853009004827 Amrita Health Foods 853009004827 1.0 lb Pumpkin Seeds - Roasted and Unsalted 16oz Pumpkin seeds are the best plant-based source of protein. 1 cup provides 12 grams of protein. These are also excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and essential minerals. Use them to boost your pasta dishes, cereals and oatmeal, trail mixes, smoothies, and salads.  Pumpkin seeds recipe suggestion: Sunflower Seed Butter! shopify_US_3961680756780 shopify_US_3961680756780_31137197522988 new 14.99 USDin stock 853009004902 Amrita Health Foods 850006586264 1lb US 2.0 lb Chia Seeds 16 oz Chia seeds are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including iron, calcium, magnesium, protein & omega-3, high dietary fiber. They're one of the healthiest things on Earth! Eat chia seeds raw, soak with your overnight oats, or add to your baked goodies for a nutrition packed treat! shopify_US_1585032462380 shopify_US_1585032462380_13408480821292 new 9.99 USDout of stock 853009004803 Amrita Health Foods 853009004803 1.0 lb Dried Diced Apple 8 oz Tiny pieces that pack a punch. Apples are loaded with dietary fiber that helps promote good digestion and they're known natural immunity boosters! Enjoy dried diced apples right from the bag while on your way to or from work or eat as a pre-workout snack.  shopify_US_1585006870572 shopify_US_1585006870572_13408116211756 new 6.99 USDin stock 853009004759 Amrita Health Foods 853009004759 0.5 lb Keto Granola Variety Pack (3 Pouches) Not your average keto granola. Contains only 2g net carbs, 17g fat, 4g fiber, 5g protein. Rich of plant-based sources, dairy-free, and egg-free but still keto! shopify_US_5809718362275 shopify_US_5809718362275_36809381118115 new 39.00 USD32.99 USDin stock Amrita Health Foods Keto Granola Variety Pack 2.06 lb Apple Cinnamon Grain Free Keto Granola A delicate balance of apple and cinnamon, and added flavors of pumpkin, sunflower, chia, hemp, flax and coconut. This is a delicious, filling and fun start to your day without the pesky sugar and carbs. shopify_US_5743498035363 shopify_US_5743498035363_36808867283107 new 12.99 USDin stock 850006586707 Amrita Health Foods 850006586707 0.69 lb Whole Apricots - 16 oz Indulge in the mouthful of sweet, tart flavor that will send your taste buds over the top with our dried whole apricots. This flavorful fruit is succulent and nutritious, with a perfect blend of flavor, texture and fiber in every serving.   shopify_US_3962548420652 shopify_US_3962548420652_31137206337580 new 14.49 USDin stock 850006586448 Amrita Health Foods 850006586448 1lb US 1.0 lb Diced Dried Ginger 16 oz These delicious and nutritious dried diced ginger pieces are a fun and healthy alternative to your regular snack of cookies and chips. Crystallized and unsulfured, they're a great addition to energy bites, savory dishes, cereals, trail mixes, bread and pastries.    shopify_US_3962538590252 shopify_US_3962538590252_31137172946988 new 9.99 USDin stock 850006586509 Amrita Health Foods 850006586509 1 lb US 1.0 lb Dried Whole Figs Figs contain a chock-full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that strengthen immunity, bones and brain. They're one of the world's healthiest fruits! The chewiness and sweet nutty flavor of dried whole figs are satisfying and refreshing they're a fun and healthy alternative to your regular snack of candy bars, cookies and chips. shopify_US_3962551271468 shopify_US_3962551271468_31137084342316 new 19.99 USDout of stock 850006586462 Amrita Health Foods 850006586462 1lb US 1.0 lb Dried Diced Pineapple 16oz Adding pineapples to your diet will help strengthen bones and tissues and boost your immunity. Enjoy dried diced pineapple pieces right from the bag at home or on your way to or from work. Include in your child's lunch box or eat as a pre- and post-workout snack. They're a perfect grab-and-go, any time and anywhere snack!    shopify_US_5220100931628 shopify_US_5220100931628_34118852247596 new 11.49 USDin stock 853009004940 Amrita Health Foods 853009004940 1lb US 0.0 lb Dried Pineapple Rings 16oz Brighten any dish with the superb, pleasantly chewy & incredibly versatile flavor of dried pineapple rings. Our dried pineapples are pre-cut for your convenience. No sticky hands, no slicing, just the convenient, nutrient dense, and wonderful taste of pineapple rings anytime, anywhere.  shopify_US_3962546880556 shopify_US_3962546880556_31137182351404 new 11.99 USDin stock 850006586424 Amrita Health Foods 850006586424 1lb US 1.0 lb Golden Raisins The refreshing sweetness and delightful tanginess provide the perfect flavor balance of golden raisins. They're sweet but low in fat and rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants. Any trail mix wouldn't be complete without these tiny, energy-packed dried fruits. They also add a distinct, nuanced flavor to any dish, snack or treats!  shopify_US_5220221550636 shopify_US_5220221550636_34119192739884 new 8.99 USD7.99 USDin stock 850006586561 Amrita Health Foods 850006586561 1lb US 0.0 lb Dried Papaya Chunks 16oz This tropical fruit is a delectable, sweet-tasting, and highly nutritious alternative to regular candy. On its own, papaya is rich in vitamins A, B9, C, E, K; minerals potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc--so keeping a stock in your pantry is a no-brainer!  shopify_US_3962545766444 shopify_US_3962545766444_31137128415276 new 9.49 USDin stock 853009004933 Amrita Health Foods 853009004933 1lb US 1.0 lb Zante Currants The tartness and juiciness of Zante currants become even more vibrant when paired with other dried fruits and seeds. They're an excellent compliment to savory and sweet dishes or you can substitute raisins, cranberries, and dates with these. Zante currants may be smaller than classic raisins, but they're rich in vitamins C & A, iron, antioxidants and fiber. shopify_US_3961746128940 shopify_US_3961746128940_31137076903980 new 9.99 USDin stock 853009004896 Amrita Health Foods 853009004896 1lb US 1.0 lb Dried Ginger Slices 16oz Tea and ginger candy or crystallized ginger slices are a unique way to enjoy your cup of tea, to spice up your salads, smoothies, & baked goodies. It's additional zing, fresh, soft and chewy texture are great for snacking or cooking.  shopify_US_5186332327980 shopify_US_5186332327980_34020616798252 new 11.99 USDin stock 853009004919 Amrita Health Foods 853009004919 1lb US 0.0 lb Pitted Medjool Dates Mother Nature's candy! Dates are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. A great substitute to sugar, honey and other sweeteners. shopify_US_5220234919980 shopify_US_5220234919980_34119230881836 new 7.99 USDin stock 850006586547 Amrita Health Foods 850006586547 1.0 lb Amrita Food Gift Card shopify_US_7803870839036 shopify_US_7803870839036_43507846578428 new 10.00 USDin stock Amrita Health Foods Gift Cards 0.0 lb