Pumpkin Seeds- Roasted and Unsalted, Keto-friendly


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Looking for a crunchy snack without any added salt? Look no further than our unsalted roasted pumpkin seeds. This heart-healthy grab-and-go snack is perfect for any diet. The high fiber content in this snack will clear any toxins from your body, while the antioxidants in it will leave behind a feeling of freshness and good health.

Not only will this snack keep you feeling good, but it will also satisfy your craving for a crunchy snack that you can eat in front of the couch or on the go. Pumpkin seeds pack up easily and can be thrown into salads or muffins to add texture.

Shown to reduce blood sugar levels, pumpkin seeds are a taste bud-friendly way to keep your blood sugar levels regular and your body operating at its maximum capacity.