Racing Tips from Sub-Elite Marathon Runner!

Racing Tips from Sub-Elite Marathon Runner!

Meet Alicia Eno, a die-hard long distance runner, vegan, health-nut, and one of Amrita’s current brand ambassadors. Hearing people talk about their passions is like looking through a window into their escape from reality that somehow doubles as a lifestyle. I had the great pleasure of talking to Alicia about running, racing, and everything in between!


Q: What would you say is the hardest part of running and racing? The best part?

A: I love the mental challenge and competition that racing brings. It highly motivates me to be the best I can in order to reach my goals. The hardest part is I don’t have enough time to do more swimming and running in my work day, but the best part is seeing how I can overcome the mental games and knowing I can meet my time goals. Mental mantras and visualization are my keys!


Q:  Everyone has their pre-race routines and superstitions. How do you prepare for your races the night/morning before?

A:  Pre-race I eat a salad and vegan pizza—anything natural and non-processed which is why I love Amrita because they have supported me from the start! I do six shake out miles the day before and I’m in bed by 8pm. When I wake up my gear is all out and ready to go!

TIPS:  Alicia is doing it right—eating a hearty meal and getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep the night before is a major key. Getting your body moving before a race prevents injuries, burnout. A smart warm up loosens up your muscles, bones, and joints and surprisingly enough, leaves you more energized.


Q: Oftentimes runners are commented or questioned about their weight. Do you think there is an “ideal weight” or “look” for runners?

A: Although my weight is currently in the lower area, I feel confident with a healthy nutrition and I think everyone knows where they feel best at racing!

TIPS:  Eat good, feel good! Here are some high protein plant-based superfood recipes.


Q: How do you balance your running lifestyle in your busy life?

A: I am a behavioral psychology therapist with children. I crunch in 91 mile weeks by running twice a day; the second one is usually an easier pace. I keep a rigid sleep run schedule by waking up every day at 4am and sleeping by 10pm, napping for half an hour daily. I check all my emails while I’m running!

TIPS:  Setting aside at least an hour a day to do something you love—whether it’s reading a book, eating a snack, or exercising—is a great way to relieve stress and motivate you through a busy week. Remember to schedule in a pick-me-up for some You-time!


Q: What are some things you are looking forward to?

A: I love the sport and traveling. I am going to run in the upcoming 24 hour race and try to qualify for the USA long distance team. I’m also redoing two marathons this fall in two states that did not qualify for the Boston Marathon time. There’s also a Tokyo Marathon in March I’m excited for!

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