NYP004: Adam Chaim – From Illness to Ironman Using Plant-based Nutrition

January 17, 2015

Adam who is a plant-based advocate and a trainer helping people who wants to transition towards a plant-based lifestyle to achieve one’s health and nutrition goals.  Adam himself has gone thru an amazing transformation on his own to achieve the stage where he is right now. Throughout the podcast he have discuss how back in 2011, he found out that he had tumor in one of his kidneys. 
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Chia: A Century-old Tool for Endurance Athletes

January 06, 2015

Two common complaints among runners are exhaustion and aching joints. The rigors of running require your feet to endure massive amounts of impact, which could cause serious damage to your calves, hips, and knees. If proper precautions aren’t taken the repeated damage could lead to osteoarthritis.  To make matters worse, running easily induces cramps so..
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Pineapple – Sweet, Juicy and Versatile!

December 06, 2014

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21 Foods to Boost Your Fiber Intake

October 16, 2014

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Healthy, Simple & Delicious Ideas: The Road To Healthy Eating

May 07, 2014

Through my journey I have discovered a lot of recipes that are easy, tasty and fun to make. If you are beginning your journey to healthy eating, or that’s a goal of yours, this is the post for you. Start with looking in your cupboards. Begin to notice how much processed foods you have. 
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The Oh So Popular Protein Myth Is, Well…A Myth!

January 15, 2014

Protein is a buzzword that is helping to market many kinds of processed foods, ...
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How Running On Plant-based Foods Changed Everything

November 05, 2013

Plant-Based Fuels

There are a wide variety of plant-based foods that promote athletic performance.  Endurance athletes, in particular, can stand to gain speed and energy by using vegan foods.  Spirulina, maca root, turmeric, ginger, and sweet potatoes, are just a few superfood ingredients that make their way into my dishes each day.

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