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NYP004: Adam Chaim – From Illness to Ironman Using Plant-based Nutrition

January 17, 2015

Adam who is a plant-based advocate and a trainer helping people who wants to transition towards a plant-based lifestyle to achieve one’s health and nutrition goals.  Adam himself has gone thru an amazing transformation on his own to achieve the stage where he is right now. Throughout the podcast he have discuss how back in 2011, he found out that he had tumor in one of his kidneys. 
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Interview with Matt Korsky

January 16, 2015

Recently we spoke with Amrita Expert, Matt Korsky, about Vegan Lifestyle Coaching and we ...
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Chia: A Century-old Tool for Endurance Athletes

January 06, 2015

Two common complaints among runners are exhaustion and aching joints. The rigors of running require your feet to endure massive amounts of impact, which could cause serious damage to your calves, hips, and knees. If proper precautions aren’t taken the repeated damage could lead to osteoarthritis.  To make matters worse, running easily induces cramps so..
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Staying Grounded During The Holiday Season

December 31, 2014

The holiday season is a great time to break away from our everyday lifestyle and enjoy the things we don’t often get to enjoy throughout the year. To many, that usually means vacation and family time. It becomes a time where we break out of our everyday routines. We may not be going to work or classes so our daily schedule is changed, which has a huge impact on everything we normally do. 
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Pineapple – Sweet, Juicy and Versatile!

December 06, 2014

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Make the Move Away from Whey

October 30, 2014

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A Guide to a Healthier Halloween

October 28, 2014

For my kids, Halloween is a magical holiday: ​they spend countless hours imagining themselves as their ​all time favorite character​s​, plan out an elaborate map with their friends of must-stop-at-houses based on last years “loot”..
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21 Foods to Boost Your Fiber Intake

October 16, 2014

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Using Seasonal Foods to Protect Against Sun Damage

July 24, 2014

Monitoring what we put into our bodies (our food) can be just as effective a tool to protect against the sun’s harmful UV-rays as what we put on the outside of our bodies, such as applying natural mineral-based sunscreen to our skin and wearing a quality pair of UV-filtering sunglasses whenever we’re outside in the sun.
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Vegetable Gardening with Kids

July 20, 2014

I believe it is even more important in today’s environment with the GMO laden crops to get kids involved in the process of growing vegetables and fruits. I started this process with my kids a few weeks ago and it has been incredibly rewarding, so maybe some of you will be inspired to do the same!  
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Training with flow By: Brett Blanker

July 18, 2014

Flow” is a state where you are very focused on the task at hand. With the focus, time seems to slow down, details rise, and the mind lets go of anything else that isn’t important.  Ever had an experience where you forgot time and were so engaged, nothing else mattered? And then you were doing the job at hand perfectly?  For steady-state performances like endurance sports, learning how to achieve this state of “Flow” can greatly improve your training and racing.
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10 Tips to Get Fresh Products at the Local Farmers Markets

June 06, 2014

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